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The true cost of building

the true cost of building

We often hear the fear mongering about the ‘hidden costs’ of building.  The upgrades, the site costs and the variations.  The banter is enough to scare the inexperienced home builder out of the home building market and into the home buying market.   But what about the ‘hidden costs’ of buying?  Stamp Duty is just one of a number of costs that people may not consider when buying an established home.  There’s also massive agents commissions and seller profits.  Did you know that the extra and hidden costs for someone who has owned a home before buying a new  $400,000 home  in Victoria generally exceeds $30,000?  That’s assuming $16,370 in Stamp Duty as calculated by the State Revenue Office of Victoria in June 2017 and a 3.5% agents commission.  But what if there was a way to not pay those exuberant costs?  What if some of those costs could be put into your actual home instead of making money for someone else.  

Well, that’s exactly why we exist.  Our purpose is to show you how easy it can be to make money for yourself rather than someone else.

The 5 Step Journey to Building your Best Lifestyle gives specific examples of just how much money you can save by choosing to build your next home.  One example shows how a previous home owner in Victoria can save over $20,000 just by choosing to build.

Build In Oz has built a business that ensures families aren’t faced with the unpleasant surprise of ‘hidden costs’ but instead shares simple yet valuable insights with you that puts you in the drivers seat and lets you reap the rewards of building a new home without experiencing any of the uncertainty or indecision that others might feel when building.

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