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Building lets you spend your budget on what matters most

maximise your new home budget and spend it on the areas of your home that will bring you the most happiness

To me, the most significant financial advantage of building a home is that it lets you spend your budget on the things that matter most to you. Or, as I often say, you can direct your budget on the areas of your home that will bring you the most happiness. For example, if you have kids who surf in summer and play footy in winter, then having an outdoor shower will change your life. In fact, having a larger than average laundry will too!

For me, my life is bliss when I pop myself up onto my north-facing box-window seat. As I sit, I can feel the energy in the rays of the early morning sun. It stills my mind, brings clarity to my thoughts and, like magic, prepares me for the day ahead. When I was planning to build my home, I created a special space for this very purpose and I see it as being something that contributes to my lifestyle.

This is just one example of how you can direct your budget on what matters most.  In our The Building Home Masterclass system we have resources and tools to help you priorities everything, from the ground up.  It’s true, you will not find a house that ticks every box for you, but you can create it.  You can learn exactly how to do that at The Building Home Masterclass where members get the ‘secret sauce’ information and guidance about how to safely and successfully plan to build their new home.

Avoid The Building Industry Rip Offs And Plan Your Dream Family Home Right The First Time

Thinking about building a home? Then this could be the most important thing you ever read. My name is Natalie Stevens.  I’m the founder of Build In Oz and I help Australian families avoid expensive mistakes and pitfalls of the building industry. Without the right plan, you could end up over-paying TENS of thousands of dollars for an inferior home.

I can show you exactly what you need to look out for. What things you should consider NOW. And what questions to ask builders, banks and real estate agents. This way you avoid all the costly and time-consuming errors made by first home and even second home builders.