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Why the Government wants you to build a new home

why the government wants you to build a house

The Government wants you to build a new home and will reward you nicely for choosing to do so. Australia is growing at an exponential rate. According to the co-author of the Coalition’s refugee and asylum seeker policy, General Jim Molan, Australia’s permanent population is growing by 200,000 people per year. All these people need somewhere to live. This is why the Government offers grants, schemes and concessions to make building a new home attractive to first home owners.

These benefits are of enormous help to people wanting to get into home ownership and exist to encourage the construction of new properties.

Building is a smart financial move

It’s worth mentioning here that if you buy a brand new, not previously occupied home, you can almost guarantee someone is making money from you. There is little reason or incentive for someone to build a home to put straight on the market if not to make money from it.  So, if anyone is going to make money out of building, why not let it be you?

If you’d like to learn more about Government Grants that exist for first home owners visit https://buildinoz.com.au/category/first-home-owners/

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