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How do I choose a builder to build my new home?

You don't need to know how to actually build a new home but you do need to know who to 'plan' to build a new home. We give you all your options so you can get it right the first time.

beyond the legalities

Do you really need to know how to build a home?

You don't need to know how to actually build a new home but you do need to know who to 'plan' to build a new home. We exist to give you all of your options so you can get it right the first time.

Beyond the legalities

Beyond the legal requirements, the only sure way to know if a particular builder is right for you is, of course, to build a home with them. However, the chances are you haven’t done that, in which case you should take a recommendation from someone who has. If you don’t have any recommendations, then you might like to do some homework. If choosing a volume builder, keep in mind that their display homes are often showcased with very expensive upgrades and the same floorplan might look dramatically different on a tighter budget. If you are looking for the perfect custom builder ask if you can visit a few homes that they have built for others. At the very least, get some addresses and do some drive-bys to see what their work looks like

the sensible approach that saves money, time and stress.

Now let’s look at the nitty gritty of the selection process.
In line with the recommended 5 step Building Home Masterclass system, by the time you are ready to approach potential builders you will have:

  • Calculated your budget
  • Prioritised your needs, wants and desires
  • Know where you want to build
  • If using a custom builder, have your plans

Finding the right builder is now a matter of taking this information to your potential candidates and asking up to three custom builders to provide you with quotes or the volume builders to provide you with floorplans and prices. Remember that custom builders will be quoting your job from your supplied floorplan and supporting information, while a volume builder will be showing you a range of floorplans that will have base prices attached to them. Volume builders will deliver options in a very short time as it is a replicated process. Custom builders will take more time but will ultimately achieve the same result. If you've done your preliminary work, choosing a builder can be a straightforward process.

what next?

Few people realise that once they engage their builder, there’s really not much left to do.

People fear the process of building because they know little about it. The truth is you don’t need to know a lot about it. It is the process of planning to build a home that is the part you play, not the home build itself.  We chose to share our experiences about planning to build a home, because that’s where your input matters most.  That's where the biggest decisions are made, but also the biggest mistakes.

The ultimate scenario is that once you’ve engaged your builder you can find yourself sitting back sipping pina coladas as you watch the magic unfold before your eyes.

in summary


If you've followed the Building Home Masterclass system, finding the right builder can be a straightforward process.



You're not building a home you're planning to build a home.  And, they are two completely different things.

- Natalie Stevens

Building Home Masterclass Series