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Safely buying land

What you NEED to know before buying land.

The #1 cause of the biggest and most costly mistakes made by those of use who are building a new home is simply not knowing the right questions to ask when buying a block of land.

If you're buying a block of land then you not only need to know what questions to ask, but you also need to understand the answers.
Buying a block of land without knowing these few simple yet vital secrets could mean you're putting yourself at risk of blowing a lot more than just your budget.

"Don't put your future in the hands of a sales pitch"

It's as simple as knowing what to ask


You'll only regret what you didn't know to look out for.  Make sure you've asked all the right questions so to make an informed decision.


Is the asking price fair and reasonable?  Does the block impose limitations that you could leverage during negotiation?


Does the selling agent for the land know the full story, and if so are they passing that onto you? Stay safe with independent advice.

Can you be sure you're in the right hands?

 It's true, Real Estate Agents are in the business of selling you property.  But here's the thing.  Buying a home and building a home are two completely different things.  When you buy a home you can see what you're getting.  But that's not the case when building and if you put your future in the hands of a sales pitch where someone is telling you what they want you to know, rather than what you need to know, then you're putting yourself at risk.  Our experience shows that whilst agents may be well trained in selling homes, they are generally unaware of in more in-depth considerations of what's involved in building a home.  They won't be able to help you avoid the risks because unless they've built a few homes themselves, chances are they won't even know what those risks are.

BUT, don't they have an obligation?

In short no.  Land is like the ocean, you don't know what lies beneath until you dive deep.  Unfortunately, agents aren't going to be encouraging you to do this.  And equally as unfortunate is that no-one is obliged to tell you what you don't know.  What's even worse is that you don't know what you don't know so how can you be expected to know what to look out for?

That's exactly why we've made it easy for you to quickly and easily get the secret sauce info you need to know that will mean you ask the right questions of the right people at the right time... The kind of questions that will let you avoid the biggest and most costly mistakes made.

"Finding a block of land you like is the easy part.  Getting to know that block of land intimately, that's the real challenge and where Land the Ultimate Guide comes to the rescue"

-Sam Stevens, Land Specialist

How do we help?


Signing up for the Building Home Masterclass Series means you won't blow your budget on unexpected site costs or risk discovering scary things about your block only after you make the purchase.  Here's what we share with our members that other can't or won't.


How to avoid nasty surprises and choose the perfect block

Showing you how to find the perfect location is easy, but there’s lots of other things to consider that can affect your overall costs when buying land. Module Three ensures that when you buy your block of land, you’re not going to be hit with any nasty surprises that will cause you to blow your budget or make a bad investment.   This Module also makes sure you’re fully informed about anything that could potentially cause you problems once you start to build.  This information helps you avoid the headaches and costly mistakes.  You’ll feel relaxed about the process knowing you’ve got all the information you need to safely buy a block of land without relying on the advice of others.  Plus, you won’t be leaving yourself open to being fed false information by anyone who just wants to get ‘the sale’.

In Module 3 of the Building Home Masterclass Series you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid paying tens of thousands of dollars in hidden site costs you never knew existed.
  • How to negotiate the best price for your block of land.
  • How you can have full control over your land buying process.
  • How to buy a block of land that holds equity.
  • The terminology used when buying land so you can understand the information you need to know.
  • The questions you need to ask now that will protect you later on.
  • What you need to know to avoid being misled by salespeople who only care about ‘getting the sale’.
  • What the Developers or Real Estate Agents won’t tell you.
  • What things may exist on or around your block that no one tells you about until it’s too late to back out.
  • How to know you’re buying a block in an area that will be good for your lifestyle now and into the future.

your ultimate guide to
buying land