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If you’re on a tight budget, stick to your guns and be aware of these seductive sales techniques, so that you can avoid being sucked in to paying for things you really can’t afford or are low on your list of priorities.

How to Build your best Home – A Checklist

Completing the How to Build Your Best Home checklist gives you peace of mind knowing you’ve considered things from all angles so that the choices you make mean building a new home that is truly perfect for you.

What is a builders quote comparison chart?

It’s easy for discrepancies in quotes to occur.  Using a comparison chart to compare what each builder has allowed for in each area can help you work out two things. Firstly, it shows you where the discrepancies are occuring secondly, it shows you who’s charging more for what and where.

How to give a builder a brief of what you want in your new home

Create your Builders Brief here. It’s the 5 minute solution that helps you confirm what you really need in your new home.  Simply complete and submit.  A pdf report will be sent straight to your inbox for you to give to any builder you choose.

Everything you need in your new home – Your Coming home checklist

Your Coming Home Checklist reminds you really matters to you when building your new home. Personalise your checklist here and receive it by email in PDF form, ready to print or forward to your builder.

How do I avoid regrets when I move into my new home?

When you move into a new home there might be things that you’ll wish you’d done a bit more research on or thought more about.  Let’s talk about four of the most common things people regret not looking into more.  These are things that are easily overlooked during the planning stages, but may make a big difference to the comfort and liveability of your home.

How will I know if I have everything I need in my new home?

Your Builder’s Brief is focussed on the core structure of your home, but to help you make sure that you have absolutely every base covered, you should also complete the more detailed Welcome Home Checklist.

How do I avoid confusion when comparing quotes from builders?

Builders quotes can vary so much that you are left feeling confused and scared that you are being ripped off which is why comparing quotes from builders is one of the biggest stresses of building.

How do I allocate my budget when building?

You can only build what you can afford. But, where the magic of building comes into play is how it lets you spend your budget on the areas of your home that will bring you the most happiness. You can make decisions using a give and take system that will, upon completion, paint the picture of what your personal best lifestyle looks like with the budget you have, be it big or small.

How to build the very best home for the money you have

Regardless of whether your budget is big or small building lets you direct your spending on the areas of your home that will bring you the most happiness. Learn how you can squeeze the most value out of your home building budget.

First Home Owners struggling to secure a construction loan

Different people have different stories to share about the stress of planning to build a new home but often these stories go unheard. In my role as a home building advocate I come across these stories regularly, mainly by people who, after having found my course, decide to give this whole building thing another crack. … Read More

What can I do if I don’t have enough deposit and the bank won’t lend me the money.

Most lenders offer guarantor loan products for first home buyers, although they go by different names, depending on the financial institution. Terms you might hear that refer to these types of arrangements include:Family PledgeFamily SupportFamily EquityFast TrackFamily Guarantee

Should I use lenders mortgage insurance?

As a rule, lenders mortgage insurance is required when you don’t have enough deposit, typically less than twenty per cent. Along with your deposit, most lenders will also expect to see proof of consistent savings for a period of at least six months. If you are required to pay LMI, the mortgage insurer may impose similar conditions. These conditions push a lot of borrowers, and particularly first home buyers, out of the market. So, what can you do?

How do I get a construction loan when building?

Should you use a home loan or a construction loan? The truth is you should use both. When you buy your land, you’ll purchase it using a home loan, but if you want to save thousands of dollars while your home is being built then you’ll want to take out a construction loan for the amount needed to build your home.

How and when do I get pre-approval when building?

Here is a basic list of things you’ll need to supply when applying for pre-approval. The lender you’re applying with will have a more detailed list of what they require to assess your pre-approval application. The amount you’ll be able to borrow is calculated on your personal financial position across the board. Applying to borrow money is an information-gathering exercise. It can also be a time-consuming exercise, and you can waste time if you have to have numerous meetings with your broker because you don’t have everything they need to assess your situation.

How do I choose a bank when building?

A mortgage broker seeks, finds and compares home loan products from a vast pool of banks and lending institutions. They have access to the best deals currently being offered by the banks and will know where to look to find a solution that will be best suited to your needs. They are the go-between agent between the borrower and the lender.

How do I set my budget when building?

So how much is your budget? Let’s look at what you can really afford to build for your building budget. Your building budget is a simple equation: Savings + grants + loans = budget. Plus, if you’re a First Home Owner you will need to learn how much you’re eligible for in grants and concessions. Now, before you even begin to look at what you can build, think about what you can reasonably afford.

First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

Buying a home is arguably one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. Apart from the obvious cost – the asking price – there are many others associated with a real estate purchase. There are mortgage fees, conveyancing costs, inspection reports, and insurances, and these expenses can quickly mount up and become overwhelming for … Read More